Datair Technology Pvt Ltd

Ambee (Datair Techonlogy Private Limited) is a Bengaluru based environmental intelligence company that provides hyper-local, real-time air quality, pollen, weather and other data to a broad spectrum of users through multiple access channels, such as dashboards and easy to use APIs. Input data streams include on-the-ground sensors set up by governments, orbital satellites, topography, meteorological data, as well as Ambee’s proprietary air quality monitoring sensors. This data is combined with real time on the ground intelligence and advanced data science and analytics to provide air quality data at a pin-code level. Over the past three years, we have collected air quality data from every known source in the world including but not limited to public sensors and satellites. We process this data through our artificial neural networks to deliver real-time air quality and environmental data. Ambee was founded in 2017 by data scientist Madhusudhan Anand after a near tragic incident. What started as a project at home has today transformed to become one of the world’s most advanced environmental analytics companies, with over 25 employees comprising data scientists, hardware engineers and climatologists.